Carlos, Roberto

 Roberto Carlos the brasilian internaional who won the world cup 2002 in japan and southkorea with brazil, further he won with Real Madrid 4 times the spanish league championship and furhter incredible 3 times the UEFA Champions League trophy, he starts his career in brasil and wons 2 times the brazil championship with palmeiras, his international career starts 1995/96 in Italy for Inter Milan where you find in our webshop some jersey from this time.

Furthermore you will find from brasil the world cup Jersey from 1998 and 2002 and all his jersey from his time at Real Madrid.

We are the official Shop for Vintage Soccer Jerseys from international Topstars like Roberto Carlos! With a size of just 1,68 m he was so powerful on Jumping and running that is worth raises up to 30 Mio. €, he was the best left defender in the world at his time!
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