Baggio, Roberto

Roberto Baggio Jersey

Roberto Baggio with the number 18 was with Jürgen Klinsmann 18 in germany, in Italy the men who worn the jersey with the number 18 and in france was it Eric Cantona was the number 18. 

Roberto Baggio Jersey Stations

Roberto Baggio was playing for Juventus Turin, Inter Milan, AC Florence, FC Bologna and surely for AC Milan.

Roberto Baggio Jersey Juventus Turin 

He was the most expensive transfer in the world with 15 Billion Lire, approximately 7,75 Mio. Euro (9 Mio US$ or 5,5 Mio Pounds) from AC Florence to Juventus Turin. 1992/93 was Roberto Baggio the international football player of the year and as well the european football player of the year.

Roberto Baggio AC Milan Jersey

1995 changed Roberto Baggio to AC Milan where he was the idol of the public, and where he has worn the known opel Lotto AC Milan Jersey.

Roberto Baggio Italy Jersey

Roberto Baggio shot totally 205 gooals in the Seria A and he played in in 452 games, absolutely incredible! Roberto Baggio at the World Cup 1994 where here shots 5 goals from the rounds of sixteen to the final. unfortunately he missed his penalty, only 2 Italy player scored in the penalty shootout against Brazil

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